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We are one of the leading companies providing the highest quality, and the fastest Well Log Digitizing. With a large infrastructure which is fully dedicated to this service.

*Company strength of combined 60 years Digitizing experience.

* Well-log digitization and Header capture’ all specified curves can be digitized.

* Delivery can be via FTP, CD-Rom, DVD,

*Accommodate order large and small, rush or long term.

*Guarantee high quality Service, 100% customer satisfaction.

We use a three stage process to ensure quality

Job prep – confirming curves to be digitized and any special user request, redlining images if needed, converting paper logs to TIF images if required.  

Tracing and Headers – Completed with our industry leading proprietary automated digitizing software.

Final QA- Both done with a visual onscreen light table function of our software followed with a hardcopy overlay to ensure 100% accuracy of tracing and completeness of all header information before being packaged for delivery.

Final LAS is output at user requested sample rates

Quality is our number one goal, control checks are implemented at each stage

Qualified LOG ANALYST/ PETROPHYSICIST/ GEOPHYSICIST verify the accuracy of all data.

All specified curves are digitized selecting one curve at a time using automatic and manual digitization by setting requisite parameters.

Multiple back-ups including logarithmic, hybrid, linear and reciprocal scales can be used.

All curves of a well are spliced and composed if required.

All Log Header information is captured.

 Digital data can be delivered in  LAS, ASCII formats

We Are Not Happy Till You Are

What do clients say?

I'd strongly recommend (and have done so already to several associates in the industry) the well log digitizing services (digitallas.com) to anyone looking for log curve digitization where accuracy and attention to detail are required. As important as those attributes are - the follow-up to see that I've got what I wanted, and am happy with the result is even more important. Service follow-up of this sort isn't very common these days!

Neil Watson
Atlantic Petrophysics Ltd
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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