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WG T color 8.5
olor Well Log Printer

Ask about our lease to own special

WG T color 17
WG T Wide Laser B&W

No yearly maintenance to pay just to talk to support!

Currently Including in North American  a spare in the Air Warranty Upgrade from Epson for three years at NO Charge!!!

Not only less then laser to purchase but much less then laser per page to run!!!

Operates at only
25% the cost per page of  laser  !

From Only $2995.00

Need a print sample contact us!

from Epson and Well Green Tech

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Well Green PT

Production Tracking

Well Green PT designed to allow the user to quickly and easily enter production information which enables the system to calculate production, and maintain production history on an unlimited number of wells. The system maintains a relational database of information for wells, fields, oil, gas, water and producing zones...More







Well Green DV
"The Log Tool Kit"
Only $300.00

Log Viewer: TIF, JPG, PNG, BMP image in color, greyscale, or B&W.

LAS: Quickly View or resample your data

Compare / Compose / LAS
Work quickly with your data

Digitize: Need an area of interest digitized now?

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Well Log Printer Supplies  Click Here

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Supplies for this and other Well Log Printers
                    INK / Toner / Paper

One stop Shopping for  Well Log Printers

Well Green DM

Well File Management

Well File Management System designed to manage your documents associated with wells, fields, land and seismic.


 Comes with a built in fully functioning world map.


You can store and retrieve raster well logs, LAS,  maps, reports information.  The built-in map interface uses industry standard Shape Files....More

PDF  TO  TIF  Convert

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This test version will put logos on your log
To run without water mark Order your full Licence for only $100.00 per year


WG T scan
and Scan Lite

8.5 to  12 inch wide models

No yearly maintenance to pay just to talk to support!

Well Log Scanner / Document Scanner

Fast, Powerful, yet Simple and Affordable

Now also does Film and Velum

Four models to choose from see specs below

From $499.00

Would you buy a 6 year old computer??????

Why settle for old Technology !!!!!!!!!!!!!

These scanners are the newest technology on the market

Speed. It's your top priority. You don't have time fiddling with the scanner. You just want to get the job done – fast, with bare minimum amount of time and effort.

Now you can, with the WG T scanner.With scan speeds from 12 inches per second – Logs or documents scanned in seconds!

Not only will it scan Well Logs but will handle sheets in batch operation, and get high quality images utilizing professional CCD optical scanning technology .

The WG T scanner also introduces the ability to scan ID cards up to 1.25mm thick.

Scanner is packaged with WG T Scan software to scan and display images no matter the length... More


Well Log Digitizing
at only $17.00 per curve
What do clients say?

I'd strongly recommend (and have done so already to several associates in the industry) the well log digitizing services (digitallas.com) to anyone looking for log curve digitization where accuracy and attention to detail are required. As important as those attributes are - the follow-up to see that I've got what I wanted, and am happy with the result is even more important. Service follow-up of this sort isn't very common these days!

Neil Watson
 Atlantic Petrophysics Ltd
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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